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Digital Dominance in General Election 2019

General Election 2019 results are here, and without any surprises, BJP has come back in power with thumping majority. The numbers are staggering. Speculations, calculations and predictions were going on & on, but the final tally of  353 for BJP & their allies have ended with the confirmation that people of India has again chosen Narendra Modi as their next Prime Minister.

Digital marketing for political campaigns in India and Across the Globe is learning that along with advertising on traditional mediums such as television and newspapers, they must invest in digital marketing if they want to compete with their rival parties. That’s why in this article, I have outlined the digital marketing strategy of BJP. We have no connection with any political parties in India.
Note - We have no affiliation with any political parties in India. 

How Digital Marketing Can Enhance BJP Political Campaigns??

A lot of people say that it’s the Modi factor or Magic which has worked, truly the kind of impact Modi’s persona has over people of India, is unimaginable. But another factor which has dominated the elections is the digital marketing strategy of BJP which is a game-changer and the use of BJP social media Campaign. They have used the Digital platforms with full force, and now you can also call MODI AS “MAN OF DIGITAL INDIA”.

Digital Marketing Strategy Plan of BJP

Social media marketing in politics is playing a huge role in Indian democracy. Times are changing and political parties and politicians have found possibly the easiest way of reaching out to aspiring youth of the country.

Bjp has used Digital Media as a tool to have a strong connect with people. Exploring social media has worked for BJP in 2014 elections also, even financial times & the new York times has especially mentioned in their reports that how BJP has been able to reach out to the voters through Digital marketing strategy.

Before we start about political digital marketing of Bharatiya Janata Party let’s see the number of likes and followers on social media than see how BJP reached to them via different social media campaign. 

Fans and Followers

BJP is leading with maximum followers and, Narendra Modi is one of the most followed leaders of the world across Social Media. BJP has created the pages in the name of their party and their leader Narendra Modi. US President Donald Trump, No. 2 on Facebook, is way behind Modi with 23.3 million likes.


Bharatiya Janta Party leads the social media being actively present on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube. The party owns the highest numbers of fans on Facebook compared to its competitors, i.e. approx. 16 million 

In terms of data up until now, Modi has led 609 million interactions in terms of likes, shares, etc and the number of posts since May 2014 stands at 180 million. His video views have been more than 269.64 million. Economic policies and global diplomacy apart, Modi’s biggest hits on the Facebook.


On Twitter, Modi has 47.5 million followers making him the third most followed person on Twitter globally. And with most interactions on Twitter, Modi beats the Pope but remains behind Trump. Modi had 52 million interactions while Trump had 564 million.


BJP is also ruling the roost on YouTube with 1,647,776 subscribers and over 4 million views. The official YouTube channel of the party takes feeds from the official channel of Narendra Modi having 2,523,009 subscribers and over 26 million views till today.

The Digital Marketing Campaign of BJP

The internet marketing team of BJP has been working cautiously towards profiling their audience at the root level. By identifying all different kinds of voters group, they have made numerous well-planned the campaign in order to appeal to the diverse voter segments.

Let Start with Social Media Marketing of BJP ( Bharatiya Janta Party )
The power of social media that includes Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube can give your extraordinary success online. Today, BJP Digital Marketing is skyrocketing hats off to their media team!
The trend of social media for BJP has been gaining a lot of traffic. Thus, being in the world of Digital Marketing we will love to present the Social media marketing of BJP & Digital Marketing strategy of Narendra Modi. 

Social Media Marketing Strategy of BJP. 

  -> Goals of BJP
before you start any political social media Campaign they must understand the Goal OF Campaign. Without any goal, the political campaign will not execute in a proper way.

BJP’s First goal was  BRANDING  and AWARENESS. Narendra Modi has created not only the party brand but the personal brand of MODI too. Plus awareness of part’s ideology, mission, thought process, agenda there are lots of things that they want to do branding and awareness.

 -> second goal is to understand the Sentiments.  

This was the most important factor in the general election in 2019.  BJP was keeping analyze the Sentiment of people like positive, Neutral, Negative sentiment through social media. Facebook gives leverage to understand people mode. On early days Facebook had only one reactions button (LIKE) was there now people have multiple options to show their sentiment on the post.

The Digital Marketing Strategy OF BJP.

Now let’s discuss what is the game plan and Digital Marketing Strategy of BJP for people to convert into their voter.  Most important points are omnipresence on social media. They have created multiple social media presence through social media pages. 

1. Multiple Social Media Pages - 

They’ve identified all the different types of voter groups and have created multiple well thought out pages to appeal to the various voter segments. 

1.1 MyGov India Page.

MyGov Page has been launched in 2015. This page has more than 3 lakh follower on Facebook.  The primary goal of this page is to proper awareness about current government achievement, ideologies, and new schemes launched since the government is formed. You will find the lots of positive story of the current government which will help citizen to consider BJP Government. 

1.2 Nation with NaMo.

Nation with NaMo is another pro-BJP Facebook page that had higher spending on political ads than the BJP’s official Facebook page. This page has more than 1.3 million page followers on facebook. In this page, you will get only and only comparisons. Comparisons between past government and ruling government achievement and put in voters mind how the current government is working very hard. The main moto of this page is to help the people to evaluate the ruling party against the previous party.